10 Individuals Inducted into the Kiwanis Club


Individuals inducted into Kiwanis Club

10 individuals, led by Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Delores B Lewis, were inducted into the Kiwanis Club of Roseau, at an installation ceremony, on the night of Monday September 23rd.

The individuals included: Bernadette Austrie, David Edwards, Mordecai Edwards, Schuyler Esprit, Hermancia Eugene, Wesley Henderson, Valendra Jno Baptiste, Cherono Morancie, Ansel Prince and Kerwan Vigilante.

Giving the President’s Report, Ms. Khonda Hamlet, stated that this year, they partnered with several organizations including: the Shinny Star Pre School in Canfield, where they hosted fruit day, to promote healthy living and eating habits.

For the first time ever, the Kiwanis Club held 16 activities apart from their annual activities.

According to the Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Delores B Lewis, this ceremony brings together one group of faithful volunteers, coming from all walks of life, with a diversity of professions, and one common goal of changing our world, one child and community at a time.


New Officers and Board of Director Elected

New Officers and Board of Directors include: Secretary Schuyler Esprit, Treasurer Latoya Peter, Vice President Nadine Riviere, President Khonda Hamlet, Young Children Priority One Chair, Hermancia Eugene, Membership Growth and Education Chair Bernadette Austrie and Club Activities and Social Chair Amanda Williams.

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