10 students graduate from the Beau Bois Preschool



Ten students who graduated from the Beau Bois Preschool on June 24th, are now expected to take their education to higher heights, as they prepare for primary school this September. The Beau Bois Preschool which began in September of 2003 is located in Castle Comfort. It has a total of 32 students, 17 boys and 14 girls and is being managed by Mrs Doreen John.


Kasia John, spoke on behalf on her mother Mrs Doreen John at the graduation ceremony. She said that the principal and teachers are confident that the graduates are well equipped for primary school.


“The children cover a wide range of subjects which include mathematics, science, social studies and creole which is done on a Friday. World Food Day was observed on October 16th; parents brought snacks with a variety of fruits, juices and food. Lessons were done and the children learnt a song about the six food groups. Creole Day was also observed, the devotion was done in Creole and the children sang and did some lessons in Creole,” Ms John said.


Past student and guest speaker at the graduation ceremony, Ms Kerry-Ann Remie had some words of advice for the graduates.


“ You need to be attentive…you need to be polite…things like thank you, please and may I…you need to be obedient to teachers, do not fight, ask questions, there is nothing wrong in asking why, how or where. You also need to take care of your books, crayons and pencils,” said Remie.


At the graduation ceremony students were also presented with awards for their sports day activity held earlier in the school term. The principal, Mrs Doreen John had the honor of presenting the graduating class with their certificates. Mrs Adina Bellot Valentine was also recognized for her support to the Beau Bois Preschool. The management and staff of SAT Telecommunications Ltd wishes to congratulate the graduates on their achievement.

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