12 After Calypso Eliminations

Sat Telecoms2014-01-06-16h03m35s159Twelve calypsonians have made it through into the quarter finals, after they participated in the elimination round, held at the Krazy Kokonuts on Saturday 4th January 2014.

65 calypsonians participated in the eliminations but only Young Bull, Wave, Trendsetter, Triumph, Chris B, Leona, Observer, Checko, Booplé, Beetle J, Man Himself and Lugars secured a position into the next round.

Wave is the only newcomer among them. The twelve will go on to meet last year’s twenty semifinalists in the quarter final, carded for February 1st 2014.

Three reserves have been chosen: JD, Sugar S and Alisha.

It is expected that one of them will replace 2013 finalist, Karessa, who will not be competing this year. as he will soon be leaving for Australia to study.

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