12 graduates ‘climb for success’ at the Pioneer Preparatory School

Twelve students who graduated from the Pioneer Preparatory School on Friday, June 25th were encouraged to continue striving for success, as they bid farewell to their alma mater.


Principal of the school, Esther Robinson told the graduating class that while they have come to the top of one mountain, they will have many other mountains to climb, as this is just the beginning of the journey. The graduation was held under the theme ‘climbing for success’.


Robinson told the graduates, We started the climb in September, but we’ve come to the mountaintop. It’s just today that I realized that life is not just made up of one mountain, it is a mountainous climb. The beauty is though, on the climb we encounter boulders, pot holes and sprained ankles but we also encounter juicy berries, beautiful sights and when we get to the mountaintop we can look with pride at the scenery below knowing full well that the boulders are still there, but they have been conquered. Remember you are on the mountain ridge; forge ahead, Grade six!”


Several students received subject awards at the ceremony, while awards were also presented to students from Grades K to 5 who excelled in various disciplines.


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