The Leo Club Delivers Presentation on Mental Health


Dr. Griffin Benjamin, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Ministry of Health

In an effort to observe World Health Day, the Dominica Leo Club embarked on a project to raise awareness of the causes and preventative measures of Mental Health illness.

Mental Health has been an increasing subject in society; hence the objective of the presentation was to promote better understanding of means to provide support to persons affected by mental health.

Dr. Griffin Benjamin, Consultant Psychiatry at the Ministry of Health associated mental health as a state of well being  where everyone can realize his or her true potential.

Mr. Malcolm Roach shared his life experiences at the presentation where he stated he was admitted to the psychiatric ward in 2007, for drug induces psychosis.

He said during that period he was a frequent patient at the hospital and was later sent to a rehab hospital in St. Lucia.

Mr. Roach spoke his change, as life changing experience and commends his family and God for the transition that saved his life.


Ms. Lesley- Ann Waldron, Social Worker

Dr. Benjamin stated Malcolm’s first progress of rehabilitation was that he recognized it.

Ms. Lesley – Ann Waldron, a Social Worker at the Psychiatric Unit gave a presentation which began with depression.

Ms. Waldron stated that according to the World Health Organization depression is the third leading cause of disability worldwide.

She highlighted the types of depression and signs to look for in someone who suffers depression.

The participants received a wealth of knowledge that enabled them to know the basic principles on how help or understand people who suffer from mental health.

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