15th Anniversary of Cuban Five


Cuban Five. (Rene, Heraldo, Fernando, Antonio and Ramon)

Today Thursday, September 12th, marks the 15th anniversary of the Cuban Five incarceration.

The five Cuban born men based in Miami, were arrested in 1998, subsequent to being charged and convicted of intent to commit espionage. In most countries, this is considered a criminal act.

In April 1961, a terrorist group consisting of American armed force, launched an invasion attempt against the Republic of Cuba, in what is now infamously known as the “Bay of Pigs Invasion”.

Since then, the attacks have continued with the bombing of the Cuba flight 355, off the coast of Barbados on October 6th, 1976.

Cuban Ambassador, Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez, feels this is an unjust trial and the Cuban Five are terrorist fighters.

The Cuban Ambassador says they are taught to love and protect their people and country at all cost. According to her, the Cuban Five were doing the same.

The ambassador, along with the Dominica Cuba Friendship Association, believes it is fitting that they gracefully avail themselves, especially as they believe that untold injustice was committed against the Five and Cuba Bay Extension.

Ms. Rodriguez said that the judge has not issued any verdict; however, she believes that the decision is not expected to be favourable.

The Cuban Five have been suffering separation from their families and country for 15 years.


Cuban Ambassador, Ms. Juana Elena Ramos Rodriguez

Of the detainees, Heraldo, who was sentenced to two life sentences plus 15 years, suffered the loss of his mother and sister and was unable to be visited by his wife.

The Dominica Cuba Friendship Association supports the plea of the Cuban People and Government for the release of the Cuban Five.

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