16 Young persons inducted into the Dominica Red Cross Society

Sixteen (16) youngsters from the Goodwill Primary School were inducted into the Dominica Red Cross Society (DRC) recently.


The DRC programme has been in existence at the School for over 15 years. Hannah Theodore and Theona Joseph have devoted 20 plus years, collectively, to keeping the youth arm of the Red Cross alive.

Ms. Joseph, says “Every year we meet with Grade 4 students and tell them about the Red Cross and what it means to be a member. On average, we have about 25 students joining each year. This year we have 22 girls but only 2 boys eligible so we are seeing the dwindling participation of boys and young men.”

Youth Members must follow the aims of the Red Cross, give service to the satisfaction of their Group leaders, attend meetings regularly and complete at least one First Aid course each year.

They are also encouraged to pay a small weekly subscription of $1.00.


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