Stranded at Sea? Here is my Story

Timothy Lewis - Fisherman who WAS stranded at sea

Timothy Lewis – Fisherman who WAS stranded at sea

In an exclusive interview with SAT Telecoms, one of two Dominican fishermen, who were found after 4 days at sea, says it was a true test of survival, however his determination was what kept him alive.

Mr. Timothy Lewis of Victoria Street, Newtown who was lost at sea along with Mr. Davidson Etienne of Fond Baron, Loubiere went fishing on Saturday May 18th at about 8:00 am in the Martinique Channel outside of Scotts Head.

However while on the fishing trip, sea water mixed with their fuel causing one of two 85 horse power engines on the open keel boat named ‘Blade’ to malfunction.

He then quickly began to work on fixing the second engine.


Mr. Lewis said, after some time he realized the fuel was not sufficient to make it to land, so they had to stop and allow the boat to drift.

He then decided to use a tarpaulin they kept in the boat to make a sail so they could try to sail towards the shipping lanes, in hopes of being seen by a cargo boat or cruise ship.

Timothy Lewis - Fisherman who WAS stranded at sea

Timothy Lewis – Fisherman who WAS stranded at sea


After some time sailing west, in the distance he saw what appeared to be a cruise ship, so he used the small amount of fuel they had left to motor to the ship.

According to Mr. Lewis, the captain then turned the cruise ship and a line was sent to them from a hatch that was opened near their boat.

However, things took a turn for the worst when the sea ladder that was extended turned and slammed down unto the engine of their vessel.

As the ladder pressed down the back of their boat into the water, it punctured and began to sink.

Mr. Lewis explained and I quote; “When that happened the three other guys ran so fast unto the cruise ship using the ladder, it was like they literally walked on water.” “The captain and I were the last men left on the boat, but I jumped into the water.”

Following that incident, he said, all the men were treated for sun burns and were checked by the ship’s medical doctor. They were placed in rooms where they slept until they arrived in Barbados.

While there, they were checked by Immigration Officials before being escorted on a plane back to Dominica.

They were then interviewed by police upon arrival to the Melville Hall Airport, and later released.

In addition, the owner of the boat, whom he had brought in a large catch of fish for, a few days before being lost at sea; to this date, has not yet paid him.

Mr. Lewis says, he desperately needs the money, especially since he found that his house had been burglarized while out at sea.

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