One Day Workshop in Respect of Farmers

Adisa Trotter

Adisa Trotter

A number of farmers are now better informed about how to carry out their duties as farmers, when they were afforded the opportunity to benefit from a one day workshop.

Mr. Adisa Trotter, Agriculture Officer within the Division of Agriculture stated, this workshop focused on enhancing farming utilizing climate and weather information, part of an initiative of the Caribbean Agro Metrological Initiative (CAMI).

Mr. Trotter noted, one of the main initiatives they worked on was an Agro Met Bulletin, where they packaged the weather information with farming information, to disseminate to farmers.

Annie Carrette

Annie Carrette

“There was also a data sharing exercise, where the Division of Agriculture secured ten weather stations, which were then deployed in the agricultural regions to capture weather information in order to work with the Meteorological office.”

The mapping soil data, from the 1960’s, which the Division of Agriculture has, is outdated; therefore they are working on updating this data.

In terms of droughts and flooding, weather information being disseminated to the farmers is critical.

As climate change continues to affect the agricultural sector, it is ideal to brainstorm mitigating measures farmers can employ on their farms.”

Ms. Annie Carette Joseph, Climatological Personnel at the Meteorological Office who compiles various parameters including temperature, rainfall, dry spells, and thunder days:

Ms. Joseph stated, such information can also be retrieved from their website, – it is also printed and distributed to extension farmers Island-wide as well as through other methods.


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