1st Annual Praise Festival

Dominicans present at the Krazy Koconuts on Saturday March 24th all left transformed from attending the 1st Annual Praise Festival.


The night featured a number of local Gospel Artistes such as Sernel Florent, Sons of Zion, The God Sent Team, The New Day Fellowship Deliverance Ministries Worship Team and Gospel Reggae Artiste Kenton St. Jean also known as Kenty.


Speaking with the Master of Ceremony of the show Mr. Heston Charles says, the night showed that Dominicans do know what it is to give God thanks, and they turned out in large numbers to do so.


Mr. Charles says that the headliner of the show Sherwin Gardener really delivered an excellent performance, as he put his all into each song that he performed which the crowd could not get enough off.


Mr. Charles says that the staging of the Praise Festival at the Krazy Koconuts was fitting, to dispel the rumors that the venue is for secular events but says it is a multi-purpose entertainment facility.

The Praise Festival is the brain child of Ms. Cassandra Pringle, who is the event coordinator.

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