1st Ever Bridal Fair

Canefield welcomed soon-to-be brides, bridesmaids, and ladies in waiting in their first ever, Bridal FAIR! Women from all over the island turned out in large numbers to get a glimpse of the latest in bridal wear on Sunday, August 5th in Shed Two.

Minister of Tourism Mr. Ian Douglas believes it is an experience that will have a huge impact on tourists and will have them visiting Dominica again and again.

In addition, Minister for Gender Affairs Ms. Gloria Shillingford says hoteliers and other service providers should not take things for granted.

Wedding Planner Ms. Kathleen Cuffy is quite pleased from Discover Dominica’s promotion of this event and she commends the work ethic of the organizers.

Cuffy provided a tip on locations in Dominica where she thinks is appropriate such as: our black-sand beaches, waterfalls and even mountains.



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