2 Day Agricultural, Health & Food Safety National Workshop Held at PSTC

Participants at 2 day Workshop

Participants at 2 day Workshop

A number of stakeholders in the agriculture industry, all gathered at the Public Service Training Centre (PSTC) on Monday May 13th, where they were engaged in a two day Agricultural, Health & Food Safety National Workshop.

Director of Agriculture, Mr. Ricky Brumant stated, this vital workshop informed farmers on safety procedures. Procedures which are to be followed on their own farms, to ensure that the public feels safe when consuming their produce.

Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Secretariat, Mr. George Alcee said we need to recognize the importance of agriculture, and the social and economic development of the OECS and the Region.

He said, consumers and advocacy groups continue to raise demands for wholesome and nutritious foods, and concerns for the environment and human health which have to be taken seriously.

This comes back to the use of pesticides and fertilizers used by the farmers.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Helen Royer noted, improving agriculture and health safety in Dominica, requires a sustained multi-sectorial approach from varied and key national agencies.


She says safe food contributes to health and productivity, while providing an effective platform for development and poverty alleviation.

She added, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the health risk posed by pathogens (viruses or bacterium) and potentially hazardous chemicals placed in food.

“This partnership will therefore facilitate production, trade, competitiveness and sustainability of all agricultural food commodities,” said Mrs. Royer.

She said the integration of both plant and animal health safety, must be synchronized to yield a positive outcome.

“We have to work together to seek further to standardize with our OECS countries, so we will have one voice that will be heard clearer,” she added.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Eisenhower Douglas, stated the workshop will discuss plant protection, animal health and food safety.

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