2 Dead Following Vehicular Accident In Mahaut

Two men are now dead following a fatal vehicular accident, in the community of Mahaut in the early hours of the morning on Saturday March 31st.


deadyouths.jpgThe Superintendent of Police in charge of the Southern Division Ms. Yvonne Alexander says, this fatal incident occurred about 3 am, in the vicinity of Krams Restaurant and bar and the Mahaut Bus stop.


Superintendent Alexander says based on eye witness reports, the motorcycle was being ridden at a very high speed when the collision occurred.


Ms. Alexander added that the young man was crossing the road at the time, and since the motorcycle was being ridden at such a high rate of speed, there was not sufficient time to stop to avoid the accident which resulted in 2 deaths.

In more news head of the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D) Superintendent Daniel Carbon says that they are currently investigating the death of a middle aged man.


Mr. Carbon pointed out that the man is 44 year old Joseph Austrie of Giraudel.


The Fire and Ambulance Service was summoned to the scene of the incident, where they administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation after transporting him to the Princess Margaret Hospital but proved futile and he was then pronounced dead.

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