2010 DABA Lime Dominica National Basketball League progresses smoothly

Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) Mr. Mickey Joseph disclosed that the 2010 DABA Lime Dominica National Basketball League is progressing smoothly. The league which began in May and is expected to end in August was suspended for a short period of time due to inclement weather. But according to the PRO, everything is back to normal. He said that they are very satisfied with the manner in which the league is moving ahead, as they have gotten assistance from several referees to officiate the matches and to assist with the scoring. Mr. Joseph also made mentioned of the high level of corporation which exists among the players, since they have not had any major disturbances despite a few minor arguments.


According to him, they have just begun to venture into the outer districts, and games will now be played not only at Lindo Park, but in the Communities of Grand Bay, St. Joseph, Massacre and Wesley to name a few. He said that they have provided the various Communities with all the necessary equipment and hopes that villagers will play their part in making the games a success.



As part of their contribution to the celebration of the Olympic Day Run, the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association, held a special basketball game on Saturday, 26th June, 2010 in the village of Grand Bay. The match featured two teams from the south, namely the ACS Ballers from Bellevue Chopin versus the Bulls Eye Pharmacy Pistons from Pichlen. Despite the inclement weather, the match took place and was very exciting with the Ballers defeating the Pistons 66 points to 62. Scoring for Ballers, Daniel Ormond scored 21 points, while Brent Mitchel added 14 and Kade Brown contributed 12. While in a losing effort David Xavier, scored 21 points assisted by Kijuan Thomas with 13.


Also on Sunday, Gloria Shillingford GS-Raptors suffered their first loss of the season while enabling the Kelver Darroux St. Joseph Hurricanes to win their first match of the season. The Hurricanes defeated the Raptors 81 points to 72 in St. Joseph. Kelver Darroux St. Joseph Hurricanes had a game high 30 points while teammates Andy and Aldin Pierre added 18 and 12 respectively. For the Raptors, Steve Hypolite scored 20 points while Brady Thomas added 19.



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