2010 Secondary Schools Independence Athletes Championship turns sour


Individuals were shocked on Wednesday October 13th 2010, as scores of secondary school students who were supposed to be participating in the 2010 secondary Schools Independence Championship were transported to the Roseau Police station, after a huge fight occurred. It is a tormenting thought that could bring shivers down your spine as this horrific incident occurred while students of the Dominica State College were conducting a youth forum geared at identifying ways to curb violence on the island. The word ‘blood bath’ has been used to describe the scene when the alleged students from different learning institutions on the island used scissors and stones as they fought among themselves. The championship is scheduled to continue on Friday October 15th 2010 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium as the question of, “is it really over?” still lingers in the minds of many concerned individuals. SAT TV News will continue to monitor the situation. Further details will be given in a subsequent newscast.

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