2011 Independence Sports Athletics Preliminaries Results


The Sports Division in the ministry of culture, youth and sports began its 2011 Independence Sports Athletics preliminaries on the 4th of October.

The Goodwill Secondary School is currently in the lead in all categories scoring the highest points in junior and senior girls, also junior and senior boys.


The St. Mary’s Primary sits in 2nd place in the junior and senior boys category, while the Roseau Primary is in 2nd place in the junior girls and the Massacre Primary sits in 2nd in the senior girls.


Neima Hector was the outstanding student in the junior girls category, while blondelle henry was the top representing the senior girls.


Niquan Jno Lewis was the top for the junior boys while Lemuel Samuel was the top performer for the senior boys.


The qualifying students will move onto the grand final which is scheduled to take place at the Benjamin’s Park in Portsmouth on Tuesday October 18.

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