2011 Population and Housing Census to be conducted soon


The Central Statistics Office (CSO) officially launched its program of activities for the 2011 Population and Housing Census on August 18th, 2010, at the Fort Young Hotel. Director of Child Fund Caribbean and Member of the National Advisory Committee for the 2011 Population and Housing Census, Mr. Francis Joseph said that the survey is intended to collect, compile and disseminate demographic, social and economic information about the population which will be used to address the country’s needs. He said that the information obtained from this exercise should be accessible to NGO’s, Child Development Agencies and Policy Makers, and should also be available at various learning institutions as a good and reputable document for use in debates, research, comparative studies as well as a meaningful tool and guide for long-term and sustainable planning.


He said, ‘this Census will help us conduct more analysis not by one source; the Government, but to be debated, analyzed and commented on by all looking for population trends, household status, migration, immigration and detailed demographics such as age, sex etc.’


Chief Statistician and Chief Census Officer Mrs. Prayma Carrette stated that the preparations for the 2011 Dominica Census began as early as February 2008 and since then much have been achieved, such as the establishment of a National Advisory Committee, the Census Order and Regulation, Questionnaire and Manual as well as the Census Mapping Exercise. According to Mrs. Carrette, the accomplishments of such activities have placed Dominica well ahead of its regional counterparts.


‘The last Census in Dominica was conducted in May 2001. Since then, many changes have taken place, such as population growth, fertility patterns, migration, changes in the Labour Force, the extension of residential areas and other housing projects. The 2011 Census will therefore, accurately measures the extent of these changes. Such information when gathered will be used for development Policies and programs that will assist in enhancing the Welfare of the Dominican Population, stated the Chief Statistician.


Mrs. Carrette noted that an increase in the response rate of households over the past years, must be recognized and appreciated, as their cooperation led to the success of previous censuses which provided accurate and reliable database for the country. In that regard, she appealed to households to do the same during the 2011 Census since the information that they provide is key to national planning.


In the interim, Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Honourable Alvin Bernard described the 2011 Population and Housing Census as one of the most important exercises that is being undertaken by the State, as it provides a socio economic profile of the population.


He said ‘the 2011 Population Census will be of even greater importance since it will be the last Census before the official target date of the 2015 for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. The Census will provide socio economic indicators on housing, education, employment and demography among others, that will be critical in the determination of our success in achieving the 2015 Millennium Goals.


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