2013 – 2015 NYC Executive Inaugurated

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The Executive consists of thirteen persons including President Jahisiah Benoit, Chairperson of the General Assembly Bert Paul, First Vice President Nadege Roach, Committee Members Malik Stuart and Annel Lewis and CARCIOM Youth Ambassador Natasha Jervier. They were elected on July 20th to lead the Council from 2013-2015.

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President of the National Youth Council of Dominica, Mr. Jahisiah Benoit stated, during their term of office, the NYC will govern under the theme ‘Youth Empowerment for Sustainable Development, ‘and by so doing are re-affirming their commitment to the vision, goals and principals of the NYCD.

He said during their tenure, it is their intention to review the National Youth Policy, which was approved by Cabinet in August 2003 and presented to Parliament in March 2004; adding, it is time to take stock of the policy’s impact on Dominica’s youth and to have it implemented.


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The development of a National Work Plan is also on the cards of the Executive.

Acting Chief Youth Development Officer, John Roach noted, since the resurgence of the NYCD in 1996, the young people have been making tremendous contributions to the political, social, educational and economic development of Dominica and the region.

Young people are the agents of change with their natural talent and innovation.

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According to Mr. Roach, youth participation allows creativity and passion, to contribute to successfully addressing youth issues and development, as young people need the opportunities to let their voices be heard in the decision making process.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Honourable Justina Charles, advised the youth to take advantage of the educational opportunities, provided by the Government and other organizations to better themselves.

Amidst all challenges there are opportunities for growth and development, she added.





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