Bonti Liverpool is FCIB 2012 Unsung Hero

Bonti Liverpool

Mr. Bonti Liverpool, Receiving Unsung Hero Award

Bonti Liverpool, Dominica’s 2012 First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) Unsung Hero, along with two other persons from the Region, were presented as the 2012 Regional Unsung Heroes, when the CIBC First Caribbean programme came to a close at the final ceremony on Monday 21st October 2013.

The gathering brought together three individuals from Dominica, Curacao and St. Vincent, who received their thank you gifts and cheques from Ms. Ella Hoyos, the Managing Director of Human Resources at the CIBC/FCIB. Mr. Liverpool, a self-confessed drug addict, who through his own efforts, rehabilitated himself and has now dedicated his life to saving others, received a donation of about U.S $5000 to continue this worthy cause.bonti-liverpool1

Prior to this undertaking, he was an upstanding Scout Leader, active on the Board of the Community Credit Union, and a teacher and organizer of community sporting activities.

It was the prayers and support of his mother that helped him to turn his life around and devote himself to God through his ‘Wisdom to Know’ programme.

Based on the Serenity Prayer, the platform seeks out drug abusers and puts them through a caring 10 month programme to get them back on their feet, which includes giving them a home, food, clothes and counseling.

With a vision – “to provide Dominica with a drug free generation by the year 2030”, he has devoted his life to working towards this goal.

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