21 Year Old Marlon Lucien Charged with Theft

court3.jpgOn Friday September 28th around 9:00pm, the complainant Mr. Sheldon Isles packed his red and white motor cycle in his cellar. Sometime after 12:00am he received a phone call indicating that his bike was missing.

He then left his house in search of his bike and saw the defendant pushing the bike around 3:00 am in Pointe Michel.

When Mr. Lucien recognized the defendant, he dropped the bike and ran away.

The defendant said he was sorry and was under the influence of alcohol mainly rum and he took the bike to go to Melvinas.

He also said that he would have brought it back.

The magistrate noted that the defendant has similar offenses in 2010 and he cannot use alcohol as an excuse.

The defendant was fined $2000 to be paid by the 31st of December or 4 months imprisonment.

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