243 Workers to be made Redundant at Clear Harbor


Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Brian Lambert

Effective September 1st 2013, 243 workers at Clear Harbor will be made redundant due to the reorganization of operations at its Canefield facilities.

According to the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Brian Lambert, this action became necessary because of ‘industry-wide trends’.

Mr. Lambert stated, that Clear Harbor values tremendously, its eight year partnership with the Commonwealth of Dominica, its history of bringing good paying jobs to our nation and its reputation as one of the country’s biggest private sector employers.

However, this reorganization has forced the company to lay off 44% of its total staff of 554 employees.

The two new accounts to be added are both North American accounts and will run for 60 days.  The first account will commence in two weeks and the other in early October.

Mr. Lambert informed us that one of the accounts will contain 25 individuals and the other up to 30.

Some of the employees to be made redundant include those who have worked from 6-7 years.

However, full vacation fees will be made available to them, complaint to the laws of Dominica, he assured.

The employees who have worked less than three years will receive salaries for two weeks – a voluntarily decision made by management.

Subsequent to the redundancy, 315 employees will still be employed and four buildings still in operation.

It has been made clear that the company is not closing down and is committed to restoring the jobs of the staff that will be laid off.

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