$289.6 Million to Fight Crime in Trinidad and Tobago

Jack Warner

The Trinidad and Tobago cabinet has approved the sum of $289.6 million TT equivalent to US$45.4 million to be used in the fight against crime in the country.

Minister of National Security, Mr. Jack Warner, said the sum will be used to development and enhance the police service in a number of ways, including the fulltime establishment of 5,000 Special Reserve Police Officers (SRPs).

Mr. Warner said and I quote, “We shall also establish police community support groups in all nine police divisions and these SRPs will be placed in all nine divisions, and we will also be introducing new information technology solutions to aid in crime detection and will be purchasing 300 vehicles at a cost of $60 million for police officers,” end quote.

He said the officers would be trained and be ready to take up their posts by December, and $5.1 million would be spent on community support and $164.5 million will be spent on information technology and on the E99 Unit.

Mr. Warner also said there will the establishment of a database to allow for the registration of all weapons in Trinidad and Tobago, which will be done through the assistance of the United Nations.

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