2nd Annual Regional Under 13 Netball Festival Schedule

August 15th – 19th, 2010


August 15th        4:00pm        Opening Ceremony

                             5:00pm        Dominica B vs. Antigua & Barbuda

                             6:00pm        Dominica A vs. Anguilla


August 16th        5:00pm        Antigua & Barbuda vs. Anguilla

                             6:00pm        Dominica A vs. Dominica B


August 17th      BREAK (Tour Day)


August 18th        5:00pm        Dominica B vs. Anguilla

                             6:00pm        Dominica A vs. Antigua & Barbuda


August 19th       4:00pm        Third Place Matche

                                                (4th Place vs. 3rd Place)


                           5:00pm        FINAL

                                                (1st Place vs. 2nd Place)


                           8:00pm        Prize Giving Ceremony




1st Round will be played on round robin basis

2nd Round – 3rd Place Team vs. 4th Place Team

                        1st Place Team vs. 2nd Place Team

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