30 Participants Graduate with 100% Passes from Mass Casualty Management Training


30 Participants Graduate with 100% Passes from Mass Casualty Management Training

A closing ceremony for a Mass Casualty Management Training on Monday August 26th, was held at the Melville Hall Fire Station, to congratulate 30 participants who graduated with a 100% passes.

Don Corriette, Disaster Coordinator, said training is an ongoing process for self-development and professionalism.

Mr. Corriette said the important factor, is that the participants identify lessons to be learnt throughout the exercise and they know where they stand.

Director of Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCA), Don Macfield, said their organization is all about safety and security.

However, in the event that their security and safety fails, they turn to individuals like the participants of the course, to ensure that there is no loss of life.

He told the participants that there is no failure in an emergency exercise and it is all about testing the system.

Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Josiah Dupuis, said the tutors conducted a fantastic exercise and commended them for it.


Chief Fire Officer, Mr. Josiah Dupuis

He agreed with Mr. Corriette, that in the Fire and Ambulance Service, training is continuous.

“It is training that allows us to keep our skills current,” he stated.

Mr. Dupuis believes that the ultimate objective is to ensure that response to an emergency at any time is possible, because of this training.

The participants are now in better positions to be effective responders to a Mass Casualty situation.

JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agencies) Official, Kazuo Kura-baya-shi, said the exercise was successful and much needed for the staff and members of the Fire and Ambulance Services.

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