34 new recruits to commence training later this month


Minister for National Security, Labour and Immigration, Honourable Charles Savarin said that in order to provide the Police and society with a sense of security, the Government has taken a decision to increase the strength of the Dominica Police Force, by adding 50 Police Officers to the current fleet. In this regard, a total of 34 new recruits will commence training, later this month.


‘We have added 30 additional positions to the rank of Corporal in an effort to provide upward mobility for the Constables, and not withstanding the global financial crisis we are actively pursuing the refurbishment and construction of Police Stations, where necessary. Recently, we completed the refurbishment of the Porstmouth, Mahaut and Salybia Police Stations, equipped all Police Stations with motor vehicles and added to the Coast Guard fleet a new, modern and fast Coast Guard Cutter, with some fire power’ said Honourable Charles Savarin.


Mr. Savarin said that he is fully persuaded that the construction of a new Police Station in the community of Grand Bay, as well as the provision of new Police Stations in the villages of La Plaine and Calibishie will greatly increase the ability of the Police Department, to create and maintain a stable and peaceful environment, not withstanding the challenges of the modern day society.


He said that the Dominica Labour Party Administration is committed to ensuring that law and order is maintained at all times, so that citizens and visitors alike can feel and experience a sense of safety and security. While urging the citizens of the Commonwealth of Dominica to support the Police, Savarin appealed to the Police Officers to reach out to the community, as he believes that it is only through collaboration that Dominicans can rid themselves from the apparition of crime, in all of its manifestations.


‘For effective policing in any Country, the people must work with the Police and the Police must work with the people. There must be mutual trust and respect and we should see the police as facilitators in helping us to build and maintain a free and law abiding country’ he said.


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