34TH Anniversary of Hurricane David


Hurricane David Damage

Today August 29th marks 34 years since hurricane David claimed the lives, land, buildings and left hundreds of Dominicans homeless.

The damage caused was greatest in the capital city, Roseau, which resembled an air raid target, after the storm’s passage.

Strong winds from hurricane David destroyed or damaged 80% of the homes (mostly wooden structures) on the island, leaving 75% of the population homeless.

Dr. Lennox Honychurh, a Historian said that Dominica sustained long term effects from hurricane David.

Dr. Honychurh urged Dominicans to remember the tragic effects of hurricane David and to learn from it.

He advised that we should take hurricane warnings seriously and make preparations, as we never know the impact that it can have on the island.

The Agricultural Industry was most severely damaged, with bananas and coconuts in the highest numbers; 75% of the crops were destroyed.

The category 5 storm, made landfall in Dominica in 1979, and claimed the lives of 40 persons leaving thousands reportedly injured.

David was the second male name for a tropical storm since 1952; the first to reach Category 5 intensity and the first to be retired.

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