34th Anniversary of Independence Officially Begins

Dignitaries at the Independence 2012 Launching

Cultural enthusiasts will be engaged as the 34th Anniversary of Dominica’s Independence has been officially launched in a ceremony on Saturday September 29th at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence says that the Independence celebration is a good time to assess the development of Dominica, to see how far we have come as a people while celebrating our achievements.

Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports Honourable Justina Charles says over the next few weeks the Island will be engaged in a range of cultural activities, which will give prominence to our nationhood, pride to our country, culture and heritage.

She says all of these have brought relevance to our unique and enjoyable Independence celebration, and is of the view that this year will surpass that of previous years.

34th Anniversary of Independence Theme

Mrs. Charles said it is very important that all Dominicans come out in large numbers to support the various Independence activities which have already begun.

She is indeed pleased to see Dominicans continue to be creative all in the effort to make our Independence dynamic, vibrant and reflect our evolving culture and society.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit pointed out that this Independence celebration is a time to remember where we came from, where we are and what we must continue to do to keep advancing in Dominica’s development.

Mr. Skerrit said we also need to look from a historical point of view and ask ourselves why did we gain Independence from Britain, and are we keeping true to the spirit and intent of our Independence pursuit.

While we have done a fantastic job in the preservation of our cultural heritage, he would like to see a lot more done in respect to a wider participation of Dominicans in preserving our cultural heritage.

The Prime Minister says that in light to the Cultural Division’s cry of lack of funds to host this year’s Independence celebration, additional funds will be made available to the Division to implement a full program of activities.

The Prime Minister also added that we as Dominicans need to show more hospitality to our fellow citizens and visitors to Dominica.

He said this is important because when we travel the world and people speak about Dominica, they set aside Dominica in a positive way from all other countries.

Guests at the Launching of Independence

Mr. Skerrit says that we must continue to have the whole world saying that Dominicans are very friendly and hospitable people.

The Prime Minister says he will try to attend as many of the cultural activities for this year’s celebration of Independence, and urged all Dominicans to do the same to show their true patriotic support to their country and its unique cultural history.


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