36 Recruits Graduated into the Police Force 2013


Police Chief Daniel Carbon

36 recruits have graduated into the 2013 Police Force, on Wednesday September 4th at the Morne Bruce Police Training School.

Chief Instructor Inspector Paul Laville, advised the police recruits to continue to maintain discipline and excellence, as they have within their six months training as they prepare for the task ahead.

Best Recruit and Best at Drills went to Allen Alexander, First Runner Up and Best at Weapon Training Damian Jules, Best at Police Duty Subject Ivan Fontaine, Best at Self Defense Philsbert Williams, Best at Male Physical Training Joel Alexander, Best at Female Physical Training Theresa Williams, Best Shot Kervin John Baptiste, Best Turned Out Female Euley Baptiste, Best Turned Out Male, Manuella Frederick, and Ivan Fontaine received the award for Most Disiplined student.

Police Chief Daniel Carbon, told the recruits that the inspectors have worked professionally to mold them into a unit, that believes can truly serve the citizens of Dominica.

Mr. Carbon said and I quote: “As police officers during the performance of your duties, you must be true to the oath which you have sworn. You must respect the rights of everyone you come into contact with, within the performance of your duties and remember that you are paid by the state with tax payer’s money to perform a duty.”


36 Recruits Graduated into the Police Force 2013

According to Honourable Ambrose George, who represented the Prime Minister, Mr. Skerrit commends their persistence and commitment to serving the call, for law enforcement in the Commonwealth of Dominica.


36 Recruits Graduated into the Police Force 2013

Minister for National Security, Honourable Charles Savarin, says these 6 months of intense training have tested their intellectual, physical and mental ability, and advised them to practice what they have learnt at all times.

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