365 MMP Creates a new Genre for Fans on Island


Masiah, Member of 365 MMP

A 12 member rap group, established last year November of 2012 is actively making a name for themselves within the music industry in Dominica, but their aim is to become well known international artists.

Members from 365 MMP, says the sky is the limit for everyone, but their dreams exceed far beyond the skies.

Masiah, one of the team members for 365 MMP, said the group is currently trying to pave the way to success.

Presently they are persistent in their cause to make their names, as well as their talents, known in Dominica and the region; not dismissing the dreams of becoming international artists one day.

The rap artists also mentioned that their experiences in writing and rapping came from role models including Jay Z, Drake and Eminem, who are all successful individuals in the industry.

Rapper, Remie-D said what sets them apart from other Dominican artists, is the professionalism that they portray wherever they go and in whatever they do.


Rapper, Remie-D

He said their standards in performances and writing is prepared at an international level, where any individual can listen and appreciate the style the group is trying to offer.

Remie and Masiah both agree that if 365 MMP becomes successful, it will pave the way for upcoming artists to venture into that genre.

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