4-H Festival Hosted by Club

Dominica 4-H Clubs Banner

Dominica 4-H Clubs Banner

Forty Eight junior and ten senior 4-H club members including leaders across the Island, showcased their skills and talents at a 4-H festival held on Friday May 24th.

This, was just one of nine festivals to take place from May 24th to June 14th.

This is organized to create opportunities for the clubites to highlight their achievements and demonstrate citizenship.

Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. John Roach impressed with the exhibits of the students, stated, the 4-H programme is one of the oldest at the Youth Development Division.

Old Fassion Clothes Irons

Old Fassion Clothes Irons

Mr. Roach noted, at the Youth Development Division they take youth development very seriously, and 4-H is just one of many programmes they promote.

Former 4-H Coordinator, Mr. Eddie F. Royer, mentioned he is very much delighted to see that the club is alive and kicking to this present day.

It has progressed from when he was Coordinator in 1974 when the Government instituted the 4-H programme.

“4-H is very relevant today, particularly in the whole concept of achievement. So students when reminiscing at some point in their lives, can say this is what 4-H has taught me,” said Mr. Royer.

Old Fassion Hot Combs

Old Fassion Hot Combs

As part of the festival there were speech competitions on the topic, ‘4-H in Things Traditional.’

The students also staged a demonstration on the use of the traditional hair straightening comb compared to a modern hair straightener.

They also demonstrated the use of the traditional clothes iron among other items.

Other activities included a Show and tell Competition, Quiz Competition, Creative Expression and an exhibition to highlight projects carried out by other 4-H clubs.






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