4 H Holds 5th Annual Local Dinner Plate

4-HStudents from the 4 H Club in collaboration with the Youth Development Division and the President’s office, all gathered on Saturday February 23RD 2013, at the Dominica Grammar school where they competed in the 5th annual local dinner plate. Each school was required to prepare two dishes.

The Competition sponsored by the Bank Nova Scotia was judged by four judges who are all trained nutritionists.

The theme for this year’s competition was “Leaning by Doing”, the competition took flight by the club representatives doing just that.

The participants began their race against time as they focused significantly on the task at hand and prepared their dishes fervently.

The groups were judged on Sanitation and presentation, timing and order, kitchen and personal hygiene quality and final project and lastly presentation.

They were also judged in effort and knowledge, availability of and use of local agricultural product, cooking skills, knowledge shared verbally and nutritive value of the dishes.

After all the hard work from the participants the Delices Community Club emerged winner.

The name of the dish prepared by the Delices Community club was “Dasheen before and today” which comprised of Ton Ton in sancoche and Dasheen patties.

The Pierre Charles Secondary School was second runner up; they prepared Poulette a la crème and Igna mais damaze

In third place was the North East Comprehensive Secondary School. Their dishes were, Tanya kaleidoscope and fish kebabs.

The Goodwill Secondary placed school 4th with their dish “periwinkle caviole delicacy” which was Dr. Liverpool’s favourite choice.

The cooking competition was a success this year and organizers and sponsors of this event are looking forward to doing it better next year.


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