4-H Needs Corporate Assistance for Sustainability says National Coordinator

National 4-H Coordinator, Shirley Alexander

National 4-H Coordinator, Shirley Alexander

4-H has a bright future in Dominica; however the organization needs the support of the corporate community for its development and carrying out much needed projects.

This is according to National 4-H Coordinator, Shirley Alexander who noted, due to the lack of adequate funding, pursuance of many projects are impossible.

“One of their problems is the fencing of their gardens which is expensive to do it well, but we are really trying to see whether we can help some of the schools to finish get their fence around the entire school or maybe just for their garden,” Alexander explained.

She stated, some of them need shade netting and or green houses, which may be too much for the Organization to fund however they are trying to assist with fencing wire and shade netting.

She noted, there are 53 junior 4-H clubs on Island, in addition to 9 senior 4-H clubs, which all require resources for their projects, but with limited funding they can only embark on those of priority.

Alexander stated, the organization regularly seeks sponsorship from the corporate community, however some are not always forthcoming.

“A lot of times you go to business houses and they say oh so many letters and so many people asking for assistance, but I think it’s good to give to programmes like 4-H, as they do not ask for assistance to have fun but use the resources to do more,” Alexander stressed.

According to Alexander, 4-H which focuses mainly on agriculture and the environment has been credited with molding a number of farmers on the Island and continues to do so.footage (2)

She noted, the young people are very enthusiastic about farming.

“What we notice is the younger you get them involved in those kinds of activities, is the more excitement there is and what we hope is that we would get more resources for carrying out projects with the younger 4-H groups,” she pointed out.

The 4-H Coordinator went on to say, that the Organization continues to make positive contributions to Dominica’s agricultural sector.

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