40th Youth Skills Training Program Graduation

171 Participants are better prepared for employment as they received recognition for their success, at the 40th Youth Skills Training Program at the Arawak House of Culture on Wednesday May 29th.

Out of the five modules, the computer literacy module was the most popular with a total of 37 participants from Roseau, Portsmouth 22, Wesley 17, Castle Bruce 16, Grand Fond 12, and Grand Bay 17.

Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. John Roach

Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. John Roach

Other modules, including Building Maintenance obtained 10 graduates in Marigot; three completed Computer Maintenance at the Roseau Youth Enterprise Center, nine in Arc Welding at Jimmit, and 10 in Furniture Repair at the State Prison.

Chief Youth Development Officer, Mr. John Roach, said despite increasing economic challenges over the years the commitment of successive Governments, ensured the survival of the program.

Mr. Roach said the findings of a survey conducted by the Youth Development Division for 2010 – 2012 were recently published, with a total of 311 graduates.

Participants completed 10 training modules all over the island, four of the 10 modules combined registered 69.4 percent employment success.

Avenues for employment have been created for approximately 230 entrepreneurs who are self-employed through livestock, fishing vegetable farming, manufacturing ITC and other services.

He urged the graduates to build on the foundation that the Youth Development Division has created.







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