45 students claims the status of graduates of the St. Mary’s Academy


Friday June 25th, marked a milestone in the lives of 45 students who claimed the status of graduates of the St. Mary’s Academy, when the institution held its 33rd graduation ceremony under the theme ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow’, at the Arawak House of Culture. Principal of the SMA Mr. Cuthbert J. Elwin said that it is a distinct pleasure to acknowledge the young men’s’ accomplishments on meeting the schools’ graduation requirements and to recognize a few individuals for their outstanding performances and efforts over the past year.



Keynote speaker and past student of the St. Mary’s Academy, Dr. Geoffrey Lafond shared some light on the theme ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow. Dr. Lafond told the students that life is a journey and every turn is either routed in the past or is a bridge to the future. He said ‘this moment, right now is your testimony that today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and tomorrow an achievable dream.”



Valedictorian Liam Rolle stated that the graduation theme encompasses the essence which they have been nurtured to believe and strive towards, as he tried to stress upon each graduate perspective on what the day meant to them. He said “as students, we encountered many teachers who each left a distinctive mark.” According to Rolle, “some were strict while others were lenient, but all had the exceedingly tedious task of trying to make men out of rowdy, hormone-driven teenage boys.” He added that “they succeeded in various ways, from private talks to marching us off to Mr. Elwin’s office, as they made the extra effort to ensure that we leave SMA as brilliant, educated young men and we thank them for that.”

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