4th Technical meeting for the Caribbean HYCOS

9 Caribbean countries took part in the 4th technical meeting for the Caribbean Hydrological Cycle System (Carib HYCOS) at the Garraway Hotel on June 5th.


The system is one aimed at improving basic observation activities, strengthening international cooperation, and promoting free exchange of data in the field of hydrology.


Edward Registe, Public Relations Office of Dowasco, is grateful for the Carib HYCOS which provides equipment and software, to derive data that can be used to monitor the impact of climate change in Dominica.


Mr. Registe is grateful for the EC$75, 000’s worth of equipment, which has been donated to establish a hydrological station.


The stations will be equipped with solar panels, rain guages, modems and gprs to provide data on how our rivers are affected.


They are still figuring out where to put the new station. Old stations from previous projects can be located in Rosalie, Springfield and Picard.

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