4th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase Opens

Clip From a Film Featured at The Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase

The 4th Travelling Caribbean Film Showcase was opened on Thursday November 8th, 2012.

Two films were shown that night which were a short called “No Signal”, and “Rise Up”, which is a Jamaican Film.

The film showcase features films from across the Caribbean and was brought to Dominica so Dominicans can have a better idea of how films are produced in the Caribbean and to maybe have a Dominican film as part of the showcase next year.

Mrs. Anita Bully, Film Commission, gives a synopsis of “No Signal” coming out of Venezuela.

Every night a short film will be shown followed by a feature.

On November 9th, a documentary will be shown called Classical Steel.

Mrs. Bully says this is out of Trinidad and Tobago and it shows how people from the slums of Trinidad got into the beautiful sounds of steel pan.

The treat of the showcase is the film “Orchid House”, produced in 1990, which was shot in Dominica and focuses on the declining power of white plantocracy in Dominica.

Mrs. Bully hopes that Dominicans will come to see these Caribbean films and appreciate the talents of our people and in turn come up with ideas for our own Dominican films.

Entrance is free and there is no reason not to come and relax to a good film.


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