5 Week Summer School Camp Comes to an End

Sat TV News 13-08-29 Thursday.Still005Following the end of a five week summer camp and the ‘Better Me, Better You’ programme, Ms. Gloria Walsh, Director of “Love one Teach One”, shared some of her experiences and hopes for the programme, in an exclusive interview with SAT News.

The camp which was geared towards empowering vulnerable young ladies, lasted for an entire week under the theme, “girls leading the world”, where the young ladies were taught leadership and were also informed on HIV and safe sex from the HIV Prevention Unit.

Ms. Walsh has received positive responses; particularly on the ‘Better Me, Better You programme.

The ‘Better Me, Better You’ programme, consisted of 50 children from primary to secondary school level.

The overall objective was to help the children to understand themselves better, in terms of self-development.

According to Ms. Walsh, the children were very interactive when the topics on different sexes came up.

Although the summer program has come to an end, Ms. Walsh assured us that there are many upcoming activities, including her after school programme.

Ms. Walsh advised, that in order to be a role model for the children, one must learn to have respect for themselves.

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