50 Years of Formal Nursing Education Anniversary in Dominica

Doctor Paula F. Abraham

Nurses are being urged to adapt to the changing times as the practices are changing.

This message came from Doctor Paula F. Abraham, on Monday October 29th, marking the opening of a week of activities to mark 50 years of Formal Nursing Education in Dominica.

Ms. Abraham pointed out that patient care is becoming much more complex and challenging in modern times, and nurses are expected to deliver care with the same outcome whether short staffed or not.

She said that with the limited staff, nurses are still expected to provide quality service, and safe patient care no matter what the circumstances may be.

Mrs. Denise M. Edwards says this week of activity took a lot of planning by a Jubilee Committee, which worked very hard to ensure preparations went well.

Mrs. Edwards mentioned that there will be conference presentations this week hosted by local nurses.

Some of the topics are; Caring, Accountability, Evidence Based Nursing, and Addressing Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases which accounts for the greatest morbidity, and mortality in Dominica.

There will also be a panel discussion with people stemming from the first nursing class, and also students from the recently graduated nursing course.

This discussion will give them an idea of where they want to go in the next fifty years, while imparting and sharing knowledge.

On Wednesday October 31st, there will be theatrical performances where the alumni will enact the play “Lion Heart Sisters.”

In an effort to recapture the old days, an “Oldies Goldies Night” will take place directly after the dinner, where old hits from every decade will be played to cater to all.

Mrs. Hilda Leslie responsible for launching of the nurses jubilee magazine says, it took a lot of hard work but looking at the final product it was all worth it.

A copy of the magazine was presented to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, and the President of the Dominica Nurses Association among others.



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