$ 50,000 has been allocated for secondary school students in the city of Roseau and its environs.


 Eight (8) deserving students of City of Roseau and its environs received secondary school scholarships from the Roseau Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (RCCU), Tuesday August 31st 2010 at the Prevost Cinemal for being successful at the 2010 Common Entrance

Examinations. The scholarship awardees were placed in four categories, The RCCU Ltd Merit Scholarship, The RCCU Ltd scholarship based on need, The Edward Elwin scholarship and special assistance awards. General Manager of the RCCU Ltd, Mr Aylmer A. Irish said that the primary principle of the credit union is to educate and train


“The Roseau Cooperative Credit Union Ltd certainly boasts of being a private institution which provides the most scholarships for students in Dominica. Secondly, we can boast of our seventh (7th ) principle which shows concern for the community and constantly leave up to our motto, ‘ not for profit, not for charity but for service.” said Mr Irish.


Mr Dexter Ducreay, President of the Roseau Cooperative Credit Union Ltd said that the credit union has allocated fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) for students to ensure that they have all the necessities needed to excel in their studies.


He said, “the fifty thousand dollars ($50 000.00) covers areas of community allowance $17 910.00, text books and stationery $7529.00, school fees including payments for CXC Examination fees 15 088.00 and uniform allowance $9900.00.”


He highlighted a few other areas where the credit union will be providing assistance.


“We give a maximum of $700.00 for text books, $300.00 per student for school fees which range from $25.00 – $525.00. In addition, we pay CXC Examination fees and examination fees of 3rd formers who are recommended to seat the Caribbean Certificate Secondary Level Competence. We also provide scholarships for students to attend the Dominica State College who receive a $1000.00 worth of books and stationery and also $600.00 for transportation fees,” said Mr Ducreay.


Mr Ducreay expressed gratitude towards the members of RCCU Ltd for years of dedicated service and said that the Credit Union will continue to work with them to aid in the development of the RCCU and the society by extension. The scholarship recipients are Kyra-Akilah T. Richards, Joe-L Eugene Joseph, Kimberly Reanea Eli, Antonio Delroy Darroux, Rena Jascinta Popo, Shyan Myntha Lloyd, Uriah Jaleel Durand, Ryanna Shynia Charles, Renata Barker, Jamaal Ishmael Alexis, Jared John Sebastien, Kris P. Jno Jules, Marklyn John, Amelia Reign S. Winston. Community donations were also made to the Nature Island Literary Festival and Book Fair in the amount of $1000.00 and the Private Sector Foundation for Health and the Roseau Public Library at $10,000.00 and $20,000.00 respectively.

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