A Large Number of Participants Graduates from Adult Education Division

“Create your family dynasty through adult education”

That was the theme for the Adult Education Division National Graduation Ceremony on Wednesday, September 19th, where a large number of participants graced the Arawak House of Culture, some for the first time.

Their motto is “Ignite your flame, continue learning” and Mayor of Roseau, Cecil Joseph, says to the graduates that they have been given a torch, and that torch should be extended to every community that they encounter.

He asked the graduates to be grateful for the skills they have been taught, and to remember the persons who ensured that they reached such levels.

Adult Education Aid for the North Zone, Ms. Melanie Francois, says programs can be more successfully implemented when they are made with the students and not for them.

She says in 2012 there are still many persons out there who cannot read and write.

In 2012, the Adult Education Division secured passes in English, Social Studies, Accounts, Principles of Business, French and Math at CXC level.

Minister for Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs, Honourable Gloria Shillingford, says the participants have made their personal development their priority and these augers well for national development.

In doing so they will assist in increasing capacity in their communities, and by extension the country.

She hopes they can put their new found skills to use for positive productivity and growth.

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