57 Dominicans to compete at the first Annual Q Talent Search 2010



WICE Q95 FM Radio Station has taken up the challenge to discover, nurture and promote the evolutionary performing arts talent of Dominicans.


The station launched their first Annual Q Talent Search competition at the Flamboyant Hotel on July 7th, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of local artists, performers and entertainers.


Q95 started their on-air singing competition in March and have now pooled 57 talented Dominicans to enter the competition. The event will begin with a closed audition on July 12th where 32 singers will be selected for the quarter finals to be held on August 28th.


From that another 21 singers will go to the semifinals on September 25th where 11 will be selected for the grand finals on October 23rd.


Host, Mathias Peltier said that the public will be given an opportunity to vote for their favorite competitor as the competition intensifies.


Co-host Jael Joseph announced the prizes and awards for the competition.


Prizes & Awards:


1st place winner              :Gift Items, CD, Video + $1500.00      $15,000 (value)

1st Runner up                  :Gift Items + $1250.00                        $10,000 (value)

2nd Runner up                 :Gift Items + $1000.00                        $5,000 (value)

3rd Runner up                 :Gift Items + $750.00                          $2,500 (value)

7 Consolation prizes       :Gift Items + $500.00                          $1,000 (value)


WICE Q95 which is headed by Mr Sheridan Gregoire also hopes to provide various opportunities for the winner throughout the region.


“Q95 is currently exploring the possibility of undertaking an annual Q talent search world tour to include stops in the Caribbean, the United States, Canada and the UK. The winner of each annual Q talent search competition would be included in the tour along with other prominent Dominican artists and performers based in Dominica and overseas, on condition that adequate sponsorship is secured for the tours. The event at each stop of the proposed world tour would be undertaken in collaboration with functional Dominican associations which exist in those locations of choice,” a release from Mr Gregoire stated.

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