67 Year Old Andre Romain is the First Super Six Jack Pot Winner for 2013


First Super Six Jack Pot Winner for 2013, Andre Romain

67 year old Andre Romain from Cottage is the first super six Jack Pot winner in Dominica.

At a small presentation, held on Friday 14th June at the Dominica Lottery Office, Mr. Romain was handed his winnings worth $245,000.00.

Mr. Romain said he will use his earnings to complete his home and pay off some outstanding bills.

He said despite the fact he has been playing for a while with no winnings he still played every week and never thought of giving up.

The super six games are played regionally from the four Windward Islands.

Super six has been won four times in the Islands for 2013, with 2 jackpots won by St. Lucia, 1 by Grenada and today, 1 by Dominica.

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