6th Biennial Delegates Conference

The Dominica Biennial Delegates conference of the Dominica Public service was held on May 2nd.  Legal Consultant- Attorney at Law Mr. John Elue Charles says he will look at some of the views respecting the concepts of advocacy and the empowerment of the situation.
Mr. Charles says it is vital that he monitor the nature of the workers rights before he proceeds to examine some of the modern challenges that the workers are facing. He says that we should all pay attention to the theme this year which is “championing workers’ rights though advocacy and empowerment.”

Mr. Charles says generally, in one lane we have the employees that are duty bound to serve with professionalism, competence and loyalty. He believes the Public Service Union needs to be protected and they ought not to be blamed innocently or wrongfully for acts of the political directorates.

In addition, he stated that the Public Service Union also represents employees in the private sector that needs to qualify the duty of service regardless of the change of the directorates.

Mr. Charles says the Political Directorates are giving two major responsibilities which needs to be dealt with efficiently. 

He says in terms of the legislator aspect, they have the duty to pass laws however, in terms of the executive aspect they have the duty to give directions.

Mr. Charles feels that both aspects should be viewed without any bias behaiour.

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