6th District Health Walk Held in Grandbay

health walk

Participants of the Health Walk

Statistics have shown that walkers have less incidence of cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other dangerous diseases.

They live longer and get mental health and spiritual benefits.

The Sports Division believes that walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that can ease you into a higher level of fitness and health.

They also try to educate the public that walking is a form of exercise accessible to just about everybody, and this is why a Health Walk was held on Saturday, January 12th in Grand Bay.

Whilst individuals walked from Tete LaLay to Pierre Charles Boulevard, they were reminded that walking is safe, simple, does not require practice, and the health benefits are many.

One of the persons who participated in the walk said she found it very beneficial though it could have been a longer route.

Member of the Sports Division Mr. Reginald Austrie, said the Sports Division saw the need to sensitize the public on the rise in communicable diseases.

Kevin James

Cricketer, Kevin James (left)

Mr. Abraham Brown, Sports Officer for the Southern District added that the main objective of these walks is to demonstrate how simple walking can have a positive impact on your body and health.

Sports Officer Mr. Yeudi John said despite the weather and the late start, they stuck to their task.

Another participant, Mr. Kevin James made mention that the Sports Division is on a drive to brief the public on ways to stay healthy verbally and physically.

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