$7 Million in Gold Found in Dead Nevada Man’s Home

Authorities in the United States are reporting that a total of $7 million dollars have been found in one dead man’s home.

Mr. Walter Samaszko Jr. died at his home in Carson City, Nevada.

He had a measly $200 in a bank account, however officials later discovered, Mr. Samaszko had about $7 million stored neatly around his home.

69 year old Mr. Samaszko was found dead by authorities after his neighbours reported an odor coming from his home in late June, 2012.

During the cleanup of his home, boxes of gold was found in the garage and a further search of the home revealed more gold enough to fill two wheelbarrows.

It is reported that about $750,000 will go towards taxes, and that the rest will likely go to a first cousin, a substitute teacher in San Rafael, California, who is Mr. Samaszko’s only relative as far as authorities can tell.

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