72 Purple Dragon students attain higher belt ranking

PURPLE-DRAGONS.jpgRenowned international sports legend in Martial Arts, and Founder of the Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu system, Professor Anthony Don Jacob, delivered his inspiring words of wisdom on core principles in life to students, parents guardians, and well-wishers throughout the 26th grading of martial art students of the Purple Dragon International, Dominica Branch.


Professor Don Jacob’s main message was asking the parents and students to work together and keep focus, noting that the parents are the external immune system of the children.


Seventy-two students were graded and all achieved higher rank belts on May 25, 2012 at the Garraway Hotel in Roseau.


13 students were promoted to White Belts Rank 2; 14 to Yellow Belt; 12 to Orange Belt; 13 to Green Belt; 7 to Blue Belt; 5 to Purple Belt; 3 to Red Belt; and 3 to Brown Belt.


There were a few outstanding students who demonstrated excellent performance techniques, some of which were Diamond Daniel and Shyanne Dewhurst who both attained Purple Belt Elite Warrior; Kervin Augustine who originally ranked an Orange Belt, and skipped the Green Belt to attain a Blue Belt; and Abigail Antoine, Jodi Andrew and Malik Nickson all attained the status of ‘on target for Black Belt’.


Sensei Shannah Robin 3rd Degree Black Belt, who operates the Dominica Branch extends congratulations to all the students, and encourages them to look deep within to continually improve their technique, discipline and to become good stewards in society.


While Professor Don Jacob’s visit was meant only to grade, his caring personality shined through, in that, he could not resist imparting knowledge to the students while providing Sensei Shannah with additional teaching technique skills.


Professor Don Jacob conducted an inspirational seminar that, helped students improve their techniques on May 23rd.


The Purple Dragon Don Jitsu Ryu is one of the most practical, effective, and complete martial arts fighting systems in the world today.

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