8 individuals to put knowledge gained into practice from NDFD training.


 The National Development Foundation of Dominica (NDFD) held a closing ceremony at their office on Friday August 13th 2010 in observance of 8 individuals who participated in a training program. The courses were geared at improving the individuals’ efficiency in areas of Customer Service, Advance HR Management and Effective Communication. Mrs. Carrie Thomas said it’s rather regrettable that Dominica’s poor standard of customer service has been a debatable issue for quite some time.


She said, “Each and every one of us has to take responsibility because we are either the customer or the one providing the service. We can only understand when we offer poor customer service and stand in the receiving end. It was identifiable that some of the times we are not aware of the poor customer service that we deliver until we become the customer ourselves.”


She said that Dominicans should look within and question themselves on how they can improve customer service in Dominica. One of the participants, Mrs. Kathyln Robinson-Mitchell described the program as rewarding.


“Having the good quality of a customer relationship is not as easy as it may seem but in the training, I must say I have accomplished a lot. It enables one to communicate effectively with customers and to get a better understanding of the customers need. I have come to understand that there is no point in providing customer service that is not valued by the customers,” said Mrs. Kathlyn Robinson-Mitchell.


Ms Athline Baptiste, another participant highlighted the two keys principles in effective communication as she addressed the ceremony.


“Firstly we should indentify and remove all barriers and secondly the communication process itself that we choose, either verbal or non verbal, should be effective. All of the information that we have acquired in this program will be put to good use,” said Ms Athline Baptiste.



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