8 Mothers Queen Contestants for 2014

Sat Telecoms2014-01-06-16h07m08s239Eight young ladies will vie for the title of Carnival Mother Queen 2014.

The launch of the contestants took place at the Old Mill Cultural Centre on Saturday January 4tth in Canefield and featured ladies from all across the Island.

Events Coordinator of the Dominica Festivals Commission, Ms. Nathalie Clarke, during the launching ceremony, applauded the contestants for still recognizing their beauty and understanding their value.

Ms. Clarke warned the contestants not to be fazed by all “the gilts and glamour and all the material things that this big old planet” has presented them with.


She added, that it is this indulgence which “takes us away from the fundamental things that we need to teach our children”.


The show will take place on February 22nd at the Arawak House of Culture in Roseau, and will include judged rounds in talent, traditional ole masquerade, evening wear and swim wear.

With less than 7 weeks, Vanesa Louisy, 20, representing Pointe Mitchel, Tarickh Joseph, 24, representing Canefield, Terrisa Bruno, 24, representing Fond Cole, Jasmine Joseph, 19, representing Mahaut, Ezra George, 32, representing Bath Estate, Patricia Charles, 25, representing Grand Bay, Cecilia Henderson, 22, and Heather Vidal, 38, representing Portsmouth will take on each other to compete for the sought after title.

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