9 Move On To Calypso Finals Competition

Sat Telecoms2014-02-17-16h12m50s212After a night of fierce competition on Saturday February 15th 2014, nine calypsonians were selected to move to the next round of competition – the Calypso Finals.

The competition was held at the Newtown Savannah saw; Picky, Webb, Leona, The Wave, Boople, Hunter, Black Diamond, Bobb and Beno.

They will face the reigning Monarch Dennison “Dice” Joseph at the Calypso Finals Competition on Saturday March 1st 2014.




The semi-finalists were Daddy Chess, Checker, Hunter, Chris B, Jamma B, Observer, Leona, Young Bull, Jaydee, the Bobb, Booplay, the Wave, Beno, Sye, Beetle Jay, Mighty Lugas, Picky, Black Diamond, Explosion and the Webb.



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The judging criteria included lyrics (35 points), melody (35 points), rendition (20 points) and presentation (10 points).

New comer Leona with her hit song titled, ‘Baby Machine’ will have her work cut out for her.

Being the only female, a she will also be competing against seasoned calypsonians.

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