9th Annual Rabbit Festival

Dominicans and visitors are being urged, to take part to show their support in this year’s hosting of the popular ‘Rabbit Festival.’

This call came from Events Coordinator of the National Rabbit Festival, Mr. Jeffers Parillon, who promises that this year the 9th Annual Rabbit Festival will outdo last year.

Mr. Parillon pointed out that the idea for the festival came about by Mr. Nelson Simon and Mr. Panman Bellot, when they received a funding project from the small grants program, which was to develop small ruminants in the village of Cochrane.

He said since 2008 when it was deemed the National Rabbit Festival in the Reunion Year; the event has been growing each year which is very beneficial to the community.

The Events Coordinator says, because of the scale of work needed to host such a grand festival, preparations start each year immediately after the festival concludes, since procurement of the rabbit meat in the adequate quantities is vital to ensure they do not ever have a shortage.

Mr. Parillon added since the event takes place on the school grounds, the villagers are always included in the planning and setting up for the event.

He said some of the challenging times were the last three years when it rained throughout the event, but nevertheless the event has maintained its high standard which will only get higher each year.

Learning from previous years, this year there will be more tents set up on the grounds, in the event it rains, and the floor plan for ease of access has been improved so everyone will feel comfortable.

He pointed out that some of the proceeds of the festival have gone to sponsoring some students in the village education, and this year with the success of the festival they will look to provide scholarships to a few needy students, all in the effort of giving back to the community.

The major event will take place on the Sunday which is the rabbit festival day, which begins at 11am, where Government officials will speak at the opening ceremony, followed by a number of activities and performances planned for the day, in addition to enjoying rabbit cooked in all ways possible.

Mr. Parillon added that all the villagers are excited, and preparations are going smoothly to ensure everything goes well for the event, which begins with the ‘Gospel Festival’ on Friday August 3rd, the ‘Reggae Night’ on Saturday August 4th and the ‘Rabbit Festival’ on Sunday August 5th.

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